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For Grandmother Carolyn

For over twenty years Carolyn Garbett was an intricate part in the history of the Gulf Coast Grandmothers. She was our honored elder.

Through her leadership and devoted service, she shared her distilled wisdom.

Carolyn was of virtuous character. Her cup of kindness was always overflowing. She knew how to listen for the needs beneath the words. Her communication was a combination of honesty with tact and some humor. With the skill of discernment, she hosted an inquiring mind. She knew what she liked and what she didn’t.

It was profound to witness her dedication to commitment; receiving her fifty-year chip with AA. The unrelenting love and concern for animals, blended with passion, helped birth and sustain the local Animal Rescue.

Carolyn was a story teller extraordinaire. To quote Carolyn from 2010: “If you’re going to tell a story make sure it has a point.”

Carolyn was a powerful force who walked with dignity and grace. She had the type of power that comes from knowing yourself and having come to terms with it.

We will continue to feel your essence, Carolyn. For it touched our souls.

With gratitude and respect,

The Gulf Coast Grandmothers


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