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Gulf Coast Grandmothers Gathering 2022

Resilience . . . A Call to Courage: Highlights

Full Moon ♾️ Lunar Eclipse
Opening Ceremony - stories of resilient women
Meaningful Small Circles
Croning Ceremony
Drum Circle
Fun Night antics
Closing Ceremony and tearful goodbyes
May you carry the energy of the gathering until we meet again.

Reflections from the day after...
Written by Leslie Puckett

Driving down the tree lined road as you enter the property - you begin to feel the energy change. The vibration rises as you travel deeper on to the grounds. The breath slows, the mind clears. There is magick here. The wisdom and knowledge of those who came before is in the air. The excitement and anticipation of the Grandmothers Gathering 2022 was just beginning.
The opening ceremony with the storytellers sharing stories of brave resilient women set the tone for a wonderful gathering.
Enjoying wonderful food and good conversations in the dining hall and on porches, laughing and recalling past gatherings and those who could not be here with us. Listening to the sound of the wind through the pines, as thunder rumbles over the water beckoning the afternoon rain.

Elder Ceremony, Drum Circle, Fire Ceremony, Rainstick making, Laura's wonderful presentation "Chaos to Peace", and the fabulous Fun Night skits and songs filled the days and into the nights. The vibrational energy flowed ever higher as the days passed.
The emotional closing ceremony was the perfect way to end this year's gathering. Now it is back to the real world with a renewed spirit, a calm mind, and an open heart. Until next year may we all stay safe, be brave, and stay resilient.

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