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The title “Grandmother” we use is neither biological nor dependent on age. It refers to the personal yet universal essence of the Sacred Feminine in ourselves, each other, and in the world. We come together to explore and reflect upon this meditative experience and journey of a woman's spirit-self; to reconnect with the lost feminine as we seek to find a path to our own inner wisdom.  


In early cultures, the female elder was considered a wise woman. She was the healer, the teacher, the imparter of knowledge. She mediated disputes, she had influence over tribal leaders, and she cared for the dying as they took their final breaths.​​

Through honoring this ancient archetype of the loving, wise Grandmother, we gather each year to learn about ourselves, to heal and be healed by telling our stories. 

We share, listen and connect with each other's stories of courage, joy, abandonment, secrets, strength, adversity of all kinds, and resurrection. 

Stories help us as we continue our most uncharted journeys into the mysteries of conscious aging.

Find out how it all began.

Gain inspiration with our collection of daily affirmations.

Discover how peer-led, spirit-centered circles of open discussion transform.


We must slow down enough to find the indigenous person within, to go in search of this archetypal figure residing in our collective unconscious and draw out her forgotten but retrievable wisdom.​ 

By reconnecting with our own power, we become empowered. 

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