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2023 Gathering Theme:


Remembering our Oneness

Save the date for our 2023 Gulf Coast Grandmothers' Gathering! We will explore the key insights of our spiritual journey - Magic, Meditation, Silence, Journaling and more.


Registration will open in mid-July. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Around 50 women from near and far gather by the beautiful Weeks Bay in south Alabama each year to connect with each other for inspiration and guidance, and to welcome ​the Sacred Feminine into our Grandmothers' Gathering.

We invite you to sign up to receive our emails for information on our next Gathering. Together we will share our stories and be witnessed by our powerful Grandmother Sisters. We connect with each other organically, holding the rim while we sit in circle, in workshops, meditation, music, and healing arts — sharing laughter, tears and more.  ​​




Save the Date!

Our 2023 Gathering of the Gulf Coast Grandmothers will be held at Camp Beckwith October 26-29, 2023. Be sure to subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media for more information about how to register.

Past Gatherings

For over 20 years, the Gulf Coast Grandmothers have been meeting annually. Visit our photo gallery to see the fun and fellowship we've created over the years.

Our 2023 Gathering Theme:

The Grandmothers sat in a circle, lit a candle and called upon the guidance of the Sacred Feminine, the universal energies and the spirits of the known and unknown to open our hearts and minds and allow the perfect theme for our Gathering to come forward.

We shared our thoughts and feelings and came to know that our theme for our Gathering will be:


𝘙𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘖𝘯𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘴𝘴!


We will explore the key insights

of our spiritual journey...

magic, meditation, silence, journaling & more.


Registration will open in mid-July.


Held at Camp Beckwith in Fairhope, AL from

October 26-29, 2023.

Sign up for our emails and connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

For more information about Beckwith Camp and Conference Center, visit


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Gather With us

You are invited to join us October 26-29 as we gather together, guided by the Sacred Feminine, to explore:

Our Journey of Personal Discovery and Oneness.

Many of us have felt the call to explore the nature of our life journey. We find ourselves intrigued with the spiritual aspect of our existence, and notice how we have become more conscious of the world around us.  Collectively, this appears to make us feel more hopeful and uplifted about our place in the world. By embracing and pursuing these sparked interests, we may engage in some form of spiritual activity, such as meditation or self-study, which many report receiving profound insights from about the questions we have and connect us to the part of ourselves that is aware of greater spiritual truths.


Does making spirituality a part of our life today awaken our own inner guru? Does that nourishment help us realize that ultimately all our answers live within us?


Many find that the connection only strengthens our need to continually explore the aspects of our life that are spiritual in nature. Getting in touch with the part of ourselves that yearns for a deeper awareness about the meaning of life helps us to see our lives as a quest where the deeper we explore the layers of our existence the more we may understand the nature of our being.


By looking inside, we can enhance the understanding of our spirit and learn to believe that we are all ONE.


We invite you to sit in circle with us, where together we will share our stories and be witnessed by our powerful Grandmother sisters.  We will connect with each other organically for inspiration and guidance as we walk our path of Spiritual Awakening with music, sound bath, meditations, ecstatic dance, journaling, and healing arts…sharing laughter, tears and more.

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Our overall goal for the Gathering, which begins with the Opening Ceremony and ends with the Closing Ceremony, is to open our hearts and minds and receive points of light into our lives so we can see ourselves and the world differently.

The incorporation of the The Circle Way process, including world renown principles, practices and agreements, allows the grace of heartfelt communication to manifest and heart connections to be made within each Gathering. Approximately eight women are randomly selected at the beginning of the Gathering to sit together in a small circle each day. Two women are co-facilitators throughout the duration of the Gathering and the discussion is focused around the Gathering theme which changes each year. The small circles are a safe place to share our stories, honor our voices and claim our empowerment as we soothe our souls and transform our lives.

Some of our recent themes have been "I Am Enough", “The Sacred Feminine”, “The Evolutionary Woman”, “The Turtle Path—Connecting our Inner Lives with our outer surroundings”, “Living our Legacy”, and “Dragonfly Medicine—Celebrating Transformation”.

When we meet, we put our names into the Circle and close it around us, building a container of love.

At the Closing Ceremony we say, "The circle is open but never broken."


We are the ones we've been waiting for.



The Croning Ceremony, or Elder Ceremony, is a special circle where those who have reached the age of 70 are honored with a purple shawl and the collective appreciation of all in attendance. It is a time of joy!

For women, reaching the status of Crone can be a major milestone to be celebrated, as Crone is related to the word “crown”. More women are reclaiming the name of Crone in a positive way, and see it as a time to joyfully welcome one’s position as an elder within the community.

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Along with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and daily small circles, at each Gathering time is provided for special workshops, lectures, healing arts from fellow attendee practitioners, and free time for rest, meditation, and conversation.



The Grandmothers offer a Marketplace and Silent Auction to raise money to support another Grandmother’s attendance at the Gathering.



At the Gathering we also practice detachment through a Giveaway Ceremony where we each part with some possession which we value, telling its story and passing it on to another Grandmother to cherish.



On the last evening together, we welcome all to participate in a "talent show" and dress up for the occasion. Music and laughter, silliness and sincerity are all found as we celebrate our collective unity and our individual expression.

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