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In ancient times, before the dominant culture of patriarchy, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess was worshipped. Throughout time, the neglected female psyche witnessed the death of the Great Mother. This led to much suffering. Being coerced into rigid roles, women lost the connection with their own instinctual nature. The lack of legitimacy suppressed woman's own deep, life-giving messages and sense of belonging.

“Buried inside all of us is an indigenous soul who is longing for harmonious livelihood, longing for spirit-self, longing for warmth of community, the joy of expression, the holiness of ceremony. Ignorant of this hidden hunger we stay restless and searching.”

​Shirley Tassencourt, founding member of the Arizona Council of Grandmothers

2015 Grandmother Gathering Circle.jpg

As women's spirituality groups have grown throughout the world, many of us have realized that we as woman have a responsibility to discover and teach each other and the world the ways and means of wisdom.


There is a living net through which all beings sustain and nurture each other. It is the elder women's calling to find ways that all peoples and the natural world will thrive in the future. Women must take the initiative to step out of the destructive patterns that are imposed on everyone, changing themselves in order to protect the world.


In 1993 an Arizona woman named Mary Diamond had a vision of bringing women together who “live in light and wisdom”. The thinking was that older women have a certain nurturing power. Thus the first Council of Grandmothers was created when 16 elder women sat in a yurt on Mary’s beloved land in the Arizona desert. The original intention of this Arizona Council of Grandmothers was to provide an opportunity for elder women to come together to recognize their wisdom and find their voice.

​By honoring, respecting and listening to each other, these impassioned women set out to bring balance to the male-dominated world. Through sharing their wisdom of how to live in peace, these women began a consciousness raising movement that digs deep into the spirit and creates to this day a lasting effect on those who participate. 

In 2000, four enlightened women brought Mary Diamond’s vision to the Gulf Coast and the first Gulf Coast Grandmothers Gathering was held at Camp Beckwith. Today women from all over the country attend our annual Gathering on the Gulf Coast and together experience creative, empowering and transforming journeys, guided by Spirit.

Without the benefit of a formal organization or outside financial support the network of Grandmothers' Gatherings and circles continue to grow.

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